All kiteboarders are faced with the dilema of purchasing new equipment every now and then. We upgrade for various reasons. Some upgrade out of necessity - old equipment fails due to wear and tear, or old equipment becomes obsolete in the face of the latest technology available on new kiteboarding equipment.
Others upgrade every few months to stay on top of the latest developments and to have the luxury of always using new gear. Whatever your reason for upgrading, you can do with a few commonsense tips to save money on your next purchase.

1. Buy Old Stock
Buy last year's stock and save big. Last season's stock was good enough a few months ago and there's no reason why they won't be good enough now. Most kiteboarding shops usually have some stock from last season which they are willing to clear at quite significant discounts. We phoned around and were able to obtain discounts of more than 25% on old stock. As simple as that - buy new at second hand prices.

2. Shop Around
Definitely shop around before you intend on making a purchase. Keep a list of various prices on hand so that when you are ready to make a new purchase you can ask for a price match or a discount. Most shops would happily give you a discount and gain a customer rather than loosing business to a competitor.

3. Buy a Package
Try and buy all your kiteboarding equipment at once in order to save on big amounts. Kiteboarding shops usually give discounts of 5%-10% on bigger purchases.

4. Harness the power of the Internet
Use the Internet to shop around and get an idea of kite prices. You might be able to find the same kiteboarding equipment in another country that is currently out of season. Great bargains are to be had on the internet, and it is just a click away. Many online shops offer free shipping on bigger purchases too.

5. Upgrade frequently
By upgrading frequently you get more money when selling your second hand equipment. Second hand equipment is worth a lot more if they are the latest equipment available.Your kite's value drops considerably as soon as there are newer models available.

6. Buy popular brands
Be wary of buying brands that are less popular in your area. Not only can it be increasingly difficult to find prospective buyers for your kite when you need to upgrade, but second hand resale value can also be lower than that of the more popular brands.

7. Second Hand gear
The best way to save money. There's nothing wrong with buying second hand gear and the best part of all is that the second hand market is over saturated. There are plenty of as good as new bargains available - and some kites are practically giveaways.

8. Become a regular customer
Support your local shop on a regular basis and get discounts this way. Most kiteboarding shops give discounts to regular customers.

9. Only buy what you need
The best way to save money is not to buy at all. If you don't really need that extra kite right now perhaps it's best to hold off until you need it.
If you are buying more than one kite at a time you can also save money by only buying one control bar and using that control bar on all your kites. Buying a kite without a control bar can make a big difference in price.

10. Try before you buy
The easiest way to throw money into the water is by buying the wrong equipment. You can find the best deal on the planet, but if you bought the wrong equipment you are wasting money. Make sure you try before you buy. Once you know what you want, use these tips to get the best deals.